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Brothers and Sisters helping one another when help is needed. Giving a helping hand when illness or injury affects a Member or their family, scholarships for our young people, and other charitable purposes. That is what the Voluntary Fund is all about.  Every year, every day, your contributions to our Voluntary Fund count - in so many ways, in so many lives.


The Voluntary Fund is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, and contributions to the fund are tax deductible.  The fund was established and is maintained by the Business Manager of our Local Union.  Contributions to the Voluntary Fund are purely voluntary - and deeply appreciated.


You can make contributions through your Job Steward while working.  The Steward will collect and submit Voluntary Fund contributions by check or money order made payable to PIPELINER'S VOLUNTARY FUND. Your Steward will be responsible for making sure your contribution is properly processed.


You can also make a direct donation if not working by mailing a check or money order to the Voluntary Fund  PO Box 470798  Tulsa, OK 74147-0798.  You may also make a donation through the website at www.local798.org, click on the “Merchandise Cart.”


Before making your first donation, you must sign a Voluntary Fund Contribution Card - and the card must be signed by a "witness" other than yourself. (Normally, your Steward will "witness" the card.) To accept your contribution, we must have a copy of the card on file.


In order to receive help from the Voluntary Fund, we must have a letter written by a Member other than the one receiving help. The letter must advise who the help is for, and as much detailed information about their situation as possible.  Requests can be mailed to the Voluntary Fund at the address listed above, or faxed to 918 627-9327, or emailed to information@local798.org.


For addition information, please call the Local 798 office at 918 622-1900.





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