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Effective May 1, 2010 Local 798 will only hold membership applications for 6 months. It is up the applicant to resubmit the application back to the Local.



Officer Election Results

At the January 12, 2018 Regular Membership Meeting, Brother Phillip Justin Wallace was nominated for the position of Financial Secretary-Treasurer by Brother Phillip W. Wallace. No other nominations were received, so a mail ballot will not be required, and Brother Wallace was determined to be elected to the position of Financial Secretary-Treasurer.


2016 Local 798 Officer Election Results


Member Notice


We now have an automated system for checking your position on the out-of-work list. You may call  918-610-2746 , and when prompted, enter your book or social security number followed by # sign. You will then be given your position on the out-of-work list. Please be advised that you must allow 24 hours from the time you place your name on the out-of-work list before you can call and retrieve this automated information.


Remember, to place yourself on the out-of-work list, you must call  918-663-3200 . Leave your name, book number or social security number, date terminated, and reason for termination - whether laid off, fired, quit, or missed welding test. You will be placed on the out-of-work list as of the date and time of this call. Again, you must wait 24 hours from the time you place your name on the out-of-work list before you can call and check your position.




It is extremely important that you keep your CURRENT address and phone information on file with the Union. In order to conduct our business, we must have your correct contact information. We are only able to accept TWO phone numbers, so please indicate which number you wish to have as your primary phone contact (the number we will call first).


 To change your phone or address, please submit a completed change of address card, or submit a written request that includes your name, book or social security number, the new information, and you must include your SIGNATURE. You can fax this information to  918 627-9327 .




 Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund -  918 280-4800 .


 Local 798 Training Center (Welding School) -  918 622-0210 .


 Local 798 Business Agent and Organizer Voice Mail Service -  918 663-6520 .


 Jobline –  918 610-2745  (only available M-F, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.).


 To place yourself on the Out-Of-Work List -  918 663-3200 .


 Automated Out-Of-Work List Position Information (to see where you are at on the Out-Of-Work List) –  918 610-2746 .


 Local Union 798 Membership Business -  918 622-1900 . For dispatch, press 2. For all other Local Union Business, press 3.





Local 798 Dues Policy


Discrimination Against Members






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