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At Local Union 798, it's our job to represent the interests of the working men and women of the pipelining industry.


 That means we work to make sure each and every Member is treated fairly on the job, with fair compensation for the difficult, demanding, critically important work they do.


 But it also means we're comitted to doing what we can to build up our industry - working together with our fair contractors to bring potential opportunities to reality.


 That way, everyone comes out ahead.


 We want all our fair contractors to know they can count on us to work in creative, pro-active ways that benefit working men and women and their employers.


 Our newly reactivated training programs, conducted through the Local 798 Training Center, is just one example.


 The goal of the School is to provide the training necessary to keep United Associated members abreast of the demands of an ever-changing Pipeline and Building Trades Construction Industry.


 The school assists U.A. Journeymen in keeping up-to-date with all new technologies in welding, fabrication, inspection, bending engineering and any other areas that benefit the industry and livelihood of both Union Contrators and U.A. Members.


 In addition, the school offers instruction to Journeymen and Helpers in Building Trade Skills, such as Heli-Arc and Uphill welding, so that they may enter other areas of employment in order to maintain economic stability for themselves and the Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund.


 To make sure the men and women working your jobs have the up-to-the-minute skills and hands-on experience you need to get the job done right, simply contact Local Union 798.





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