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It is very important that you understand that this is an opportunity for membership only, and is not a guarantee of a job.


(If you have any problems seeing or submitting the application then please clear the internet cookies and cache of your browser. If you are using an Android device then it is recommended that you use Firefox Browser for Android.)






Pipeline jobs average 1 week to 2 ½ months in duration and are often done in remote areas, which may require substantial travel to all parts of the United States. You also have to pay for your own travel and living expenses while employed on a pipeline job.


Pre-Qualifying Applications are only reviewed when local 798 needs to add members for current jobs or future work. Therefore, to maintain current information, we only hold an application on file for six months. If you have not been contacted during the six months after submitting an application, you will need to resubmit an updated application for our file.  If your application is reviewed at any time, you will be notified by phone of the outcome.


Local 798 is committed to nondiscriminatory treatment of all members (and potential members) working in the Pipeline Construction Industry. Any member who interferes with Local 798’s EEOC efforts will be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion from Local Union 798. In accordance to EEOC guidelines, all membership applications are considered regardless of a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.


Welder Membership


1. Required experience with downhill welding, minimum 24” pipe.

2. Be able to pass a downhill welding test: 24” .500 wall bell-hole test, to be puddle capped.

3. Must own a welding rig.

4. Must be drug free.

5. You must complete a pre-qualifying application.

6. If approved, you must schedule a test in Tulsa, OK.

7. Welder Initiation Fee is $2000.00.

8. Test fee is $250.00. If you fail the test, you forfeit the $250.00.

9. If you complete the test, you must pay the balance of $1750.00 towards your initiation fee plus 3 months dues in advance on the date of the completed test.

Journeyman Membership

1. Required experience as a Journeyman Spacer, must know how to space the pipe, carrying the line, hydrostatic testing, run an end facing machine, stabbing and fabrication.

2. Must be drug free.

3. Completed a pre-qualifying application

4. Journeyman Initiation Fee is $2000.00, plus 3 months of dues in advance.


Helper Membership


1. Complete a pre-qualifying application.

2. Assist the Welder with their equipment.

3. Grinding/buffing the weld.

4. Be able to do prolonged standing, bending, stooping, reaching, heavy lifting, working on irregular surfaces while using hand/power tools.

5. Ability to perform assigned tasks in an outdoor production environment in all types of weather (i.e., extreme temperatures, loud noises, heavy equipment, and other hazards associated with an outdoor heavy construction environment).

6. Travel for extended periods of time.

7. Must be drug free.

8. Helper Initiation Fee is $1200.00, plus 3 months of dues in advance.




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